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Network Statistics

Network statistics are the key elements for the Network Operation Centers for monitoring the performance of the supplied services. In addition, the users of that network services gains the capability to trace the service. TUBITAK ULAKBIM provides a wide range of network statistics to National Academic Network (ULAKNET) nodes and their users. The network statistics are given in the following categories:

ULAKNET Backbone Statistics
ULAKNET Backbone Statistics visualize the utilizations of connections between the Point of Presences (PoPs) of ULAKBIM located in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Moreover, the utilizations of ULAKNET links to the global internet are also included in Backbone statistics.

ULAKNET Router Statistics
The performance of ULAKNET backbone routers are graphed in means of CPU usage and momentary temperature. The performances of individual line cards for each router can be traced in this section.

ULAKNET Link Utilization Statistics
A commonly viewed statistics are the link utilization rates for ULAKNET nodes. This is a publicly available service through which  the link utilization rates of ULAKNET nodes can be seen in hourly, daily, weekly and yearly basis.
Honeypot Statistics (New)
In correlation with Ulak-CSIRT, ULAKNET NOC has been running a Honeypot in ULAKNET backbone and publishing the findings of Honeypot traffic analysis via a web page. This helps the IT staff of ULAKNET nodes to investigate the trends of attacks against ULAKNET and take precautions accordingly. Additionally, the attacks caused by ULAKNET nodes are also classified separately in order to help the nodes to identify and recover from the problems caused by the nodes themselves.

ULAKNET Service Statistics
ULAKNET supplies other network services such as QoS, Multicast, VoIP, FTP, DNS, Content Delivery Systems, Streaming and hosting to the nodes and users of ULAKNET. The usage statistics for each individual service is also supplied by ULAKBIM. [http://www.ulakbim.gov.tr/ulaknet/istatistik/]
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